Do You Need a Perfect Butler’s Pantry With Your Dream Kitchen?

The right single custom home builder can bring your butler’s pantry dream to life.

These days you can get the dream home you’ve always wanted with all the special touches you would love. From an island bench with its own sink and tapware to unique pendant lighting hanging from a timber featured ceiling – there’s no end to the possibilities.

The kitchen has always been a focal point, especially for Australian homes. It’s often the most used space in anyone’s place and offers you the chance to showcase your own style with a keen eye on function.

The changes in Australian kitchens has seen many innovations over the years and design traits continue to evolve in the latest contemporary fashion.

There’s a growing trend across Melbourne for a butler’s pantry to be a key part of a new home. It’s a modern twist on an old favourite that’s becoming more popular every day.

What exactly is a Butler’s Pantry?

Historically, a butler’s pantry was a small room where the family silver and formal china was stored. It was also an area for serving meals. Even though butlers are a thing of the past, the space has taken on a new form. It is now a preparation area for meals and a place for extra storage.

The best way to think of it is as a kitchen within a kitchen. It can provide much needed extra storage and an area to prepare meals or snacks. The idea is to make your home a better place for entertaining and dining.

As the host, you can both prepare food and clean up in a designated area that is out of view to your guests. Whether it’s to put together a few snacks or appetisers, mix drinks or just to store glasses, cutlery, the kettle or toaster and special linen, a butler’s pantry is a touch of luxury that works on more than one level.

Planning a Butler’s Pantry – the Pros & Cons

Keeping your home neat and tidy is one of the trickiest battles to win.


  • Extra storage space
  • Hide mess when you are entertaining
  • Makes for better organisation of your kitchenware
  • Less cleaning because you are not always using the entire kitchen
  • A sleeker look because your kitchen is not cluttered with everyday items


  • The added cost
  • Extra planning is needed
  • Another space to keep tidy

By planning the layout and storage needs for your butler’s pantry, you will save yourself time, money and a lot of headaches. Knowing what you want from this valuable space can mean you make more use of it in the long run.

Organise the space

By positioning the everyday items such as a toaster, kettle or glassware in easy reach will give you the best use of the space.

If you want to create a working space in your butler’s pantry, then you can prepare meals and use it as a drinks serving area. It’s the perfect spot for wine racks or wine coolers. It can be home to coffee making and juicers that take up valuable kitchen bench space.

This allows you to have your own prep room whenever you entertain and everything is out of sight from your guests. Preparing food and drinks in privacy is less stressful when you aren’t being watched.

You also have the ability to clear dishes and glasses away and deal with them when you want to without the unsightly look and clutter killing the mood.

Where does your Butler’s Pantry start?

It might seem hard to know where to begin with getting your butler’s pantry happening, but with the right single custom home builder on your side – it can all be yours.

When you choose a custom built home, you’re taking the design into one that is tailor-made to you and your needs. There’s no risk of having a single space in your home that’s not to your liking.

Your dream kitchen can come to life with the added bonus of a butler’s pantry to make it perfect.

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