How Energy Star Rating Works When Building Your Home (A Guide)

A star rating for your new home others only wish for

Everyone dreams of a home of their own. Having a new home built for you makes it all the more special.

There are many things to consider and one you cannot afford to overlook is the energy rating of your new home.

How does the Energy Rating work when you build a new home?

Let’s take you through it.

First off, the Energy Rating System was introduced as part of the Building Code of Australia. As of 2004, new Victorian homes were required to meet a 5 Star energy rating. Since 2010, this was raised to a 6 Star energy rating.

What does that mean for your new home?

It’s now compulsory for all new homes to have:

  • A 6 Star energy rating for the building fabric, and
  • A rainwater tank for toilet flushing or a solar hot water system, and
  • Water efficient shower heads and tapware

That all seems pretty simple but there are other factors to consider.

The position and size of your new home is important for energy efficiency. This is where a custom home builder in Melbourne can really make a difference.

Knowing how to position your home on your block and where it faces can mean a big difference in your energy use.

Added energy efficiency

There are other factors that can make a huge difference to your energy rating and your energy bills.

Choosing energy efficient lighting, heating & cooling and appliances will mean substantial energy savings and a more eco-friendly home.

It’s the basics of the building itself that are crucial to achieving a higher rating.

There is no point in fitting your home with the top energy rated appliances and lighting if the building itself isn’t made of energy efficient materials with an energy efficient design.

A custom home builder in Melbourne should know the climate of the area of Melbourne in which you are building and be able to construct your new home in the best position.

The design of the home will cater to all the key factors of the energy rating including the materials used in the type of roofing, walls, flooring and more.

A larger home needs to increase its energy efficiency. This is where the help of a Double Storey custom home builder really pays off.

What does the Energy Star Rating achieve?

The Energy Start Rating system was devised to make each and every new home as energy efficient as possible.

The rating estimates the annual energy load for heating and cooling your house to keep it at a comfortable temperature to live in.

Does it matter?

It certainly does. Here are a few important reasons to consider;

  1. Your energy bills will be reduced significantly when you achieve a high rating, e.g. going up one star in the rating can mean up to a 30% saving on your energy costs.
  2. You can ensure your home has a better resale value by making it as energy efficient as possible.
  3. Improve your sustainability and reduce your environmental impact.
  4. Less strain on the electricity supply.

With good design, especially at the planning stage, you can increase your chances of a higher energy star rating.

For more details on the Energy Star Rating and how to make your home more energy efficient you can read the Federal Govt Your House Design Principles and the Sustainability Victoria’s Energy Smart Housing Manual. Both have detailed information on achieving the best in energy ratings.

One key factor is knowing the local area of where your home will be built. It’s crucial to building the right home for the location and making sure it suits the climate of that area.

With a quality custom home builder Melbourne based and experienced with local conditions, you have an added advantage on other home buyers and a better chance of a better energy star rating.

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