Security Measures to Keep You Safe in Your New Home

Homeownership is a great opportunity, so you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to protect it. Home security is always treated as a top priority and taken into consideration whenever you feel unsafe at your place, the interest in home security features has tremendously increased. But that doesn’t mean you have to install all electronic security measures. There are some of the effective precautions against theft which you should use to secure your home and the three main factors are time, sound and visibility. This guide will extensively help you prevent property crime from happening and taking these precautions in action will not only protect your belongings but also yourself and your family.

Secure the doors

Ensure that whichever door or window locks you have, they are locked. Burglars mostly take advantage of the unlocked door or open window as it simply provides easy access to them without any hassle. You can add window bars and reinforce glass with window security film, or install window or glass break sensors.

Light up the landscape

No criminal likes to be in the spotlight. By keeping ample outdoor lighting around your front and back yards, along pathways and near the garage can keep them away. Not only you will make intruders skittish, but also cut down your risk of a stumble on your way up the front steps. To make your outdoor security lights even more effective use motion-activated lights or save energy with solar-powered lights.

Don’t forget the garage

You might tend to keep some of your unused items in your garage which can be quite precious and important to you, and if criminals can’t access inside your home, the garage can also be a good option. You should make sure to lock all your doors to your garage properly and also secure it by covering the windows so that no one can peek into it. For extra security, you can even upgrade to a smart garage door opener.

Don’t accept unsolicited help

Until and unless you call someone and ask for help, don’t let anyone in. Many thieves are a con artist who may come as a plumber, painter gardener, etc, usually with another person who may distract you and keep busy while the other one does its job.

Get to know your neighbor

This might seem like one of those things you just do when you move into a new home, but have you ever considered getting to know your neighbors as a safety measure? More eyes watching your home simply means more security. A great way to ward off burglars is to get friendly with your neighbors, which can especially be helpful when you go away for an extended period.

Eliminate hiding places

Keeping your home well-kept and eliminating potential hiding spots signifies thieves that the home is lived in. Now and then you should trim down trees and plants close to your home that could be used for cover. And also if you have trees near windows, either remove them or reinforce those windows with extra security. By leaving pricey goods on display in the yard tempts thieves even more so keep your outdoor as simple and up to date as possible

Get a dog

Unwanted attention is what burglars hate the most. They want their work to be done in utter silence so that no one can catch them. But we don’t want that right? So keeping a dog would be a great idea. They often bark when they sense unfamiliar and unknown people entering your doorstep, warding off potential burglars.

Add security cameras

If you are not considering getting a dog, then installing security cameras is a must.  Cameras speak for themselves as a deterrent but also serves other purposes. Use a security camera with a mobile app so that you can see the footage whenever and wherever you go. Other must-have features are motion detection, night vision Wi-Fi capability, and weatherproof casing.

Be smart about who you let into your home

Not only strangers, but even your servant, maid, or gardener can have ulterior motives. So you should never trust anyone and always keep an eye on people you hire to work in your home. Letting anyone inside is allowing them to steal. So gather out your valuables and keep them somewhere out of reach.

Install a home security Alarm System

The best and most effective way to protect your home is to install a home security system and currently, there is a limited offer which provides free security alarm system and video intercom with every contract signed in 2019 with Grandeur Homes. You don’t have to do everything at once, identify which strategies are most important to you. And make a plan to add the rest later and having emergency contacts available in the event something unfortunate occurs is also an important step.

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