Review by Jatinder G.

You have given implausible shape to our dream house

You have given implausible shape to our dream house


It all started with the most honest and transparent sales experience with Mr Gurpreet Sidhu. In our first meeting with Mr Sidhu one thing was clear that search for our builder is over, now focus shifted to the actual house. For us it was a big and complex project, but team Grandeur made it really smooth. We customised every square meter of our house and team Grandeur made it possible. Selection process was very thorough, and special thanks to Ms Sonia (Building and Permit officer) for her support, patience and can do attitude. Given the complexity of the project, she arranged all the approval in couple of months which was minimum 4 to 5 months process.

During the construction we were so lucky to have Aman (site supervisors). He was so thorough and had attention to detail like perfectionist. He accommodated us for every last minute upgrades and changes. We never felt pressured or lacking communication during the build, and had a great relationship with our Site Supervisor/Coordinator who was always open to our questions/queries. Alongside this, we are extremely impressed with the quality and finish of our home. Knowing many other people who have also built brand new, we are very happy with our level of finish and build compared to others.

Few compliments with names

Mr Gurpreet Sidhu: Most honest and transparent sales experience, every suggestion from him we took as a recommendation.

Mr Damian Kot (Construction Manger) makes Grandeur different from other builders. Symbol of commitment and quality output.

Ms Sonia (Building and Permit officer): Patience and can do attitude. She knows her job very well.

Mr Aman (Site supervisor): Perfectionist.

Words are not enough to express and feelings and indebtedness to team Grandeur. We owe you a big thanks. You have given implausible shape to our dream house. We love our new house and going to live in this for rest of the life. We take this opportunity to wish team Grandeur for all the success in coming days.

Word of wisdom. If you are building with Grandeur just relax.